Sunday, August 30, 2020

KillShot: A PenTesting Framework, Information Gathering Tool And Website Vulnerabilities Scanner

Why should i use KillShot?
   You can use this tool to Spider your website and get important information and gather information automaticaly using whatweb-host-traceroute-dig-fierce-wafw00f or to Identify the cms and to find the vulnerability in your website using Cms Exploit Scanner && WebApp Vul Scanner Also You can use killshot to Scan automaticly multiple type of scan with nmap and unicorn . And With this tool You can Generate PHP Simple Backdoors upload it manual and connect to the target using killshot

   This Tool Bearing A simple Ruby Fuzzer Tested on VULSERV.exe and Linux Log clear script To change the content of login paths Spider can help you to find parametre of the site and scan XSS and SQL.

Use Shodan By targ option
   CreateAccount Here Register and get Your aip Shodan AIP And Add your shodan AIP to aip.txt < only your aip should be show in the aip.txt > Use targ To search about Vulnrable Targets in shodan databases.

   Use targ To scan Ip of servers fast with Shodan.

KillShot's Installation
   For Linux users, open your Terminal and enter these commands:   If you're a Windows user, follow these steps:
  • First, you must download and run Ruby-lang setup file from, choose Add Ruby executables to your PATH and Use UTF-8 as default external encoding.
  • Then, download and install curl (32-bit or 64-bit) from After that, go to to download and install the lastest Nmap version.
  • Download and unzip it.
  • Open CMD or PowerShell window at the KillShot folder you've just unzipped and enter these commands:
    ruby setup.rb
    ruby killshot.rb

KillShot usage examples
   Easy and fast use of KillShot:

   Use KillShot to detect and scan CMS vulnerabilities (Joomla and WordPress) and scan for XSS and SQL:

References: Vulnrabilities are taken from

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