Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How To Insert Data Into Database | Tutorial 3

Welcome to my another tutorial of PHP and MYSQL. In the previous tutorial I've briefly discussed How to make a PHP file and How to save the PHP file in the root directory of the server. How to run PHP script over the Web Browser etc.

Now in this tutorial I've discussed about inserting data into database by getting the values from user with the help of HTML form. One thing should be remembered that getting a values from users by HTML form is the only way to get values from users in PHP.

How To Insert Data into Database

Step 1:

Open your text editor and create HTML form. 

Step 2:

Make a database connection in PHP.

Step 3:

Write an INSERT query for the sake of insertion data into database like INSERT INTO table_Name(table_Attribute1, table_Attribute2....) VALUES('1', 'Alex'...); etc. Now watch the video to make a better understanding the concept of insertion.


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