Friday, April 24, 2020

How To Fetch Data From The Database | Tutorial 4

Welcome to my another PHP and MYSQL tutorial. In the previous I've discussed about the data insertion into database by using PHP and MYSQL. So i did successfully in the previous video.

In this video tutorial I'll discuss How to fetch data from the database called as data fetching. It's really a simple thing to access your data which is in database. You just have to do a little work for this. For fetching data you have follow some steps.

How to Fetch Data from Database

Step 1:

Make a connection with your database which i did in the previous blog.

Step 2:

If you wanna fetching a values in "form" or in a table so just have to create a form, table or whatever you want in HTML. I've created a table where I'll show you how to fetch data in table form.

Step 3:

Write a query SELECT * FROM table_Name;

Step 4:

Create a Loop for fetching all the data on a single click. 

Step 5:

Create variables for the sake of storing a different values from the combined values in the loop variable like:

//while loop to fetch all the values from the database and stored in the variable named "row".
while($row = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query($conn,$query))){

$name = $row['username']; //$name will save all the username values from the loop variable 'row'.
$pass = $row['password']; //$pass will save the password values from the loop variable 'row'.


Now watch the video for better understanding.


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