Friday, April 7, 2017

Latest Trends To Hit Cakes By Robin - Get With The Trend!

Flamingo Wedding Cake & The Cutest Unicorn Cake You've Ever Seen
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Whether you consider yourself a trend setter, follower or always finding yourself a little late to the party, trends influence so much of our daily life.

At Cakes by Robin, of the 40 or so cakes we make on a weekly basis, at least 2 are unicorn themed at the moment which I'm a big fan of. In that vein, this newsletter is dedicated to all things 'trendy' in the world of Cakes by Robin. Enjoy! 

P.S. Before we go any further I want it to be known that I took flamingo selfies at Kensington Roof Gardens AND put up flamingo wallpaper a very long time ago!


So the flamingo trend has been around a while featured everywhere from Cole and Son wallpaper to real live flamingos residing just above Kensington High Street to motifs on oven gloves and tea towels in John Lewis (most recent purchase!) I have to admit that I absolutely love these birds in whatever form and have plenty of them 'cluttering up' my house-my husband's words, not mine. 

We designed a stunning wedding cake featuring sugar model flamingos 'in love' hanging out above a golden pineapple (another 'trendy' motif) with the bottom tier featuring hand painted 'Greenery'. Three trends in one cake no less! I'd suggest it would be a pretty brave bride who picked this for their wedding (you know who you are) but the cake or elements of it would make for a stunning and very memorable birthday cake.


A legendary creature described as 'a beast with a single, large pointed spiralling horn, projecting from its forehead'. I like to think our unicorn birthday cakes are less beastly and more beautiful and they certainly are popular.

It's what my daughter has chosen for her party theme this year and I have even found a real live unicorn that gives rides! Check out some of the many unicorn themed cakes and get in touch if you'd like to discuss one for your own unicorn fan.

Hopefully these cakes will get your creative juices flowing as we'd love to hear your amazing cake ideas and maybe we can start the next trend. 

Until next time...

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