Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Old-Fashioned Sifter for the Modern Kitchen


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February 15, 2012
Old-Fashioned Sifter for the Modern Kitchen

You love the old-world feel of baking your own bread or cakes from scratch. A little piece of you channels the image of your grandmother's well-worked hands kneading her own dough or sifting flour for everyday treats.

That's why you'll covet the old-fashioned Jacob Bromwell Designer Flour Sifter, with its crank handle and vintage designs.

The sifter has its origins in the 1800s, when Jacob Bromwell's factory made flour sifters to help cooks separate wheat bran and cereal from the fine flour. Today, the company adorns the sifters with retro graphics, such as cherry, pumpkin, apple or blueberry pie recipes or a decorative wheat pattern.

Left-handed? Not a problem. The flour sifter comes in a specially designed option for lefties.

Soon you'll be sifting your own flour, knowing your grandmother would be proud.

Put Some air into your next baking project with the Jacob Bromwell Designer Flour Sifter.

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