Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Top Users Command In Linux Operating System With Descriptive Definitions

Linux is a command line interface and has a graphical interface as well. But the only thing we should know how we interact with Linux tools and applications with the help of command line. This is the basic thing of Linux.  As you can do things manually by simple clicking over the programs just like windows to open an applications. But if you don't have any idea about commands of Linux and definitely you also don't know about the Linux terminal. You cannot explore Linux deeply. Because terminal is the brain of the Linux and you can do everything by using Linux terminal in any Linux distribution. So, if you wanna work over the Linux distro then you should know about the commands as well.
In this blog you will get a content about commands of Linux which are collectively related to the system users. That means if you wanna know any kind of information about the users of the system like username passwords and many more.


The "id" command is used in Linux operating system for the sake of getting knowledge about active user id with login and group. There may be different users and you wanna get a particular id of the user who is active at that time so for this you just have to type this command over the terminal.


The "last" command is used in Linux operating system to show the information about the last logins on the system. If you forget by which user id you have logged in at last time. So for this information you can search login detail by using this command.


The "who" command is used in Linux distributions to display the information about the current user which a an active profile over the Linux operating system. If you are in the system and you don't know about that active user and suddenly you have to know about that user detail so you can get the info by using this command.


The "groupadd admin" is the command which is used in Linux operating system to add a group in the Linux system to gave the privileges to that group.


The "useradd" command is used in Linux operating system to add user or users to a specific group. If you wanna add a user name Umer so for this matter you just have to write a command i.e. useradd -c "Umer".


The "userdel" command is used in Linux operating system for the purpose to delete any user or users from the particular group present in the linux operating system. For example "userdel Umer" this command will delete the user named Umer.


The "adduser" command is a simple command used to create directly any user in the system. There is no need to make a group for this. You just have to type the command with user name like adduser Umer, it will created a user by name Umer.


The "usermod" is a command used in Linux operating system to modify the information of any particular user. You can edit or delete information of any particular user in the Linux operating system.

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