Monday, May 18, 2020

What Is Keylogger? Uses Of Keylogger In Hacking ?

What is keylogger? 

How does hacker use keylogger to hack social media account and steal important data for money extortion and many uses of keylogger ?

Types of keylogger? 


Keylogger is a tool that hacker use to monitor and record the keystroke you made on your keyboard. Keylogger is the action of recording the keys struck on a keyboard and it has capability to record every keystroke made on that system as well as monitor screen recording also. This is the oldest forms of malware.

Sometimes it is called a keystroke logger or system monitor is a type of surveillance technology used to monitor and record each keystroke type a specific computer's keyboard. It is also available for use on smartphones such as Apple,I-phone and Android devices.

A keylogger can record instant messages,email and capture any information you type at any time using your keyboard,including usernames password of your social media ac and personal identifying pin etc thats the reason some hacker use it to hack social media account for money extortion.


Use of keylogger are as follows- 

1-Employers to observe employee's computer activity. 

2-Attacker / Hacker used for hacking some crucial data of any organisation for money extortion.

3-Parental Control is use to supervise their children's internet usage and check to control the browsing history of their child.

4-Criminals use keylogger to steal personal or financial information such as banking details credit card details etc and then which they will sell and earn a good profit. 

5-Spouse/Gf tracking-if you are facing this issue that your Spouse or Gf is cheating on you then you can install a keylogger on her cell phone to monitor her activities over the internet whatever you want such as check Whats app, facebook and cell phone texts messages etc . 


Basically there are two types of keylogger either the software or hardware but the most common types of keylogger across both these are as follows-

1-API based keylogger 

2-Form Grabbing Based Keylogger 

3-Kernal Based Keylogger 

4-Acoustic Keylogger ETC . 


How to detect keylogger on a system?

An antikeylogger is a piece of software specially designed to detect it on a computer. 

Sometype of keylogger are easily detected and removed by the best antivirus software. 

You can view  the task manager(list of current programs) on a windows PC by Ctrl+Alt+Del to detect it.

Use of any software to perform any illegal activity is a crime, Do at your own risk.

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