Saturday, May 16, 2020

How tO Secure Yourself From Evil Twin Attack

How To Secure Yourself From Evil Twin Attack ?
Hello, in this article you are going to learn how to secure yourself from getting hacked using evil twin attack.

1) Do not connect to any public networks, anyone can sniff your data while you are on a public network.Evil Twin attack will be performed as a public network, so wherever possible restrict connecting to any open or public networks mainly if it wifi name is same as your wifi name

2) When your internet connection suddenly stops working, you might be under DOS attack using evil twin attack, just restart the router and the hacker need to restart the attack and as it takes some time.  Maybe they leave it or continue some other time 

3) Running a VPN to ensure that any browsing and transmitted data is done through an encrypted tunnel that cannot be easily snooped. 

4) Do not always rely on the name of the network, make sure it is a legitimate and trusted network or not. 

Thank You for Reading, Hope It's Useful


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